Titanbefestigungswellenschraube, Titanfahrradmotorradschrauben, Titanlegierungsteile

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Nr. 65-Titanium Schraubenwelle, Titan Bike Motorradschrauben, Titanlegierungsteile


Titanium fasteners shaft bolt,Titanium Bike Motorcycle Bolts, Titanium Alloy Parts

1) Material: unalloy titanium or alloy titanium

2) Grade: Gr1 Gr2 Gr5

3) Standard: DIN

4) Feature: low density, high strength, corrosive resistance, acid and alkali resistance, thermal resistance, rustless, no magnetic, fatigue resistance.

5) MOQ: 100 pcs.

6) Application: it is widely used in the field of traffic tool manufacturing industry and large machine manufacturing industry.chemical industry,etc.

KlassePure titanium (GR1, GR2,GR4), alloy titanium (GR5)
MFGCNC machined body and head,  rolled thread
OberflächenfinishAnodizing or PVD coating optional

Chemical Composition (max, %)

ElementsNCHFeOAlVResidules eachResidules eachTi
KlasseGR10.030.080.0150.20.18 //0.10.4Balance
GR20.030.080.0150.30.25 //0.10.4
GR50.050.080.0150.40.2 5.6-6.753.5-

Mechanical Properties (min)

ElementsTensile, MpaYield, MpaElongation, %

Schnelle Details

Ursprungsort: Jiangsu, China (Festland)
Markenname: QFC, HPF
Model Number: CJ-0049
Standard: DIN
Product name: titanium bolt
Grade: GR1/GR2/GR3/GR5/GR7/GR9/GR12
Size: M2-M36,customizable
Application: Industry, car